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Engineering Industry Leading Models of 10 Kgs Namkeen Making Machine, Automatic Muruku Machine, Wooden Cold Pressed Oil Machines, Boiled Atta Mixing Machines, Ring Muruku Making Machines & More For Clients!

About Us 

Our esteemed enterprise, PRM Agencies, is focused on meeting the high expectations of all with our exceptional engineering talent. Every day, we bring forth a well designed and engineered assortment of machines used by experts of food processing, oil processing and many other industries. The seamless finish and efficient operation of our machines make them the leading choice of clients, in the Indian marketplace. All of our 10 Kgs Wooden Cold Pressed Oil Machines, Ring Muruku Making Machines, Namkeen Making Machines, Boiled Atta Mixing Machines, etc., are also loved for having no physical or technical flaws. Making available this commendable gamut in bulk, we have become the favorite manufacturer and supplier of the domain. 

Our enterprise has been working in compliance to stringent ethical business policy, implemented at our company, since day one. We always take care of our clients and safeguard their interest with our ethical business performance. In addition, our enterprise maintains professional transparency while transacting to prevent any malpractices against customers. 

Assuring Quality At Every Step

Our enterprise is one of the most responsible manufacturing concerns in the engineering sector. We focus on assuring quality of work and product at every step of the way. To ensure this, we have recruited a skilled team of quality analysts that supervises the entire process starting from procurement of raw materials to the dispatch of the finished goods. They keep a keen vigilance on the materials and products, in order to detect any sort of defect at the earliest stage. This helps us not just in decreasing the cost of production but also reduces the chances of a defected machine leaving our facility. With this quality focus, we strive to regularly provide the best to clients. 

Why Trust Us?

  • Showcasing Adherence to Standards: Our company regularly showcases perfect compliance to the international standards of quality and design, applicable to our range. 
  • Resolving All Customer Queries: Regularly, we render top class customer support to all. Through the medium of the same, we strive to resolve queries raised by clients perfectly. 
  • Pricing Range Competitively: Our business concern always sets the prices of our Boiled Atta Mixing Machines, 10 Kgs Wooden Cold Pressed Oil Machines, etc., in a fair manner, keeping market trends and budgets of clients in mind.